“Honesty and loyalty are key. If two people can be honest with each other about everything, that's probably the biggest key to success”

GO Real Estate Agency - Inmobiliaria is owned by Nigel and Anne Owen-Gibbs who have between them lived for over 45 years in Spain, in the Costa Blanca, Murcia Region and now Andalucía.
They have both experienced living abroad in many different countries, and have gone through the trials and tribulations of what buying a property and adapting to a new country is like.
Nigel has been involved in the property industry in Spain since 2000 and has seen the highs and lows with the collapse of the banks and economy in 2008. He was an Engineer and had worked and lived all over the world before coming to live permanently in Spain.
Anne was brought up abroad and had the opportunity to learn five languages which she has made use of over the years. Having lived in South America her Spanish helped with her job with a Law Firm in Spain and where she gained experience of the legal side with regards to buying and selling property. Anne also has had experience in the Real Estate industry both in the Netherlands and Spain. They both pride themselves in being honest and wanting to help both the sellers and the buyers make all transitions as easy as possible.
Due to their love of the Murcia & Andalucía Region, they have decided to dedicate themselves mainly to these Province's and to properties by the coast as well as inland and other regions of Spain. Murcia & Andalucía has so much to offer apart from the beaches. It is a very unspoilt region, and pride themselves on producing fantastic fruit, vegetables and flowers, and let's not forget their wine!
Anyone who is keen on good walks, there are plenty of routes to be found, and lovely places to visit with a lot of history. It is said that some of the best Spanish food comes from Murcia & Andalucía and the locals certainly pride themselves on their dishes.
If you have never been to Murcia or Andalucía before, we recommend you come and visit, and we would be delighted to show you properties and answer any questions you have.
We hope to see and welcome you soon.
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